Company Profile

The first Ground Services Company established in EGYPT, AFRICA, and the Middle East region. EGYPTAIR Ground Services provides the ground handling services according to Egyptian Civil Aviation Authorities (ECAA), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations. EGYPTAIR Ground Services is the first Ground Handling company in AFRICA, Middle East region and the fifth in the world to provide its services as an ISAGO provider since 2008 at CAIRO (CAI), SHARM EL SHIEKH (SSH), HURGHADA (HRG), BORG EL ARAB (HBE), LUXOR (LXR) and ASWAN (ASW) stations. EGYPTAIR Ground Services provides handling services throw well trained staff members at EGYPTAIR training academy which is authorized by ECAA, with cooperation and authorization from ICAO, and IATA, which qualified the center to be one of the pioneers aviation training centers in Africa & middle east region. Equipped with the most modern edition of equipment using the advanced aviation systems from INFORM & ORACLE to utilizes the operation processes with custom made programs to paralyze with the unstoppable provided services.