TAROM Airlines ... New Arrival

FEB 11, 2019

TAROM Airlines ... New Arrival  in Egypt.
EGYPTAIR Ground Services Finished Of New Contract With Romania Airlines

The meeting was attended by:

Eng.Mohamed Fathallah
Chairman Of Egyptair Ground Services

Mr.Alexandru Szlivka
GM Procedures and Agreements of TAROM Airlines

Contracting MGR of TAROM Airlines

Mrs.Nancy Omar
GM Contracts and Agreements of Egyptair Ground Service

Mr.Mohamed Hussein
Contracting MGR of Egyptair Ground Service

Mr.Bahaa Tharwat
Marketing & Customer Services MGR of Egyptair Ground Service 

Mr.Mohamed Rashed
GM The Pools & Foreign Companies of Egyptair Cargo

Mr.Mohamed Abd El Aziz
Foreign Companies Services MGR of Egyptair Cargo

Mr.Ayman Ezz El Din
Foreign Companies MGR of EgyptAir Airlines

Mr.Waleed Ghonim
MGR of Security Sector 

Mr.Hossam Arafat
MGR of Security Sector